Fall 2014 Prayer Letter

October 8, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope this letter finds you well. We had a great summer, having quality time with Noriko’s family, the families from Yoshiki’s kindergarten, and our co-missionaries (from all over Japan) at the annual conference in August. Now our children are back to school full time and we are back to our normal routine of ministry work.

TEAM Japan at Annual Conference 2014

TEAM Japan at Annual Conference 2014

Home Assignment Needs

We will be soon purchasing our tickets for the U.S. and at this time our plan is to leave Japan on the first of March. We will be spending a couple of weeks in Illinois with Chad’s family before heading to Dayton, Ohio where we hope to be living for the majority of the time. We currently are in need of finding a place to live for that six months, so if you know of any furnished places we could stay, please let us know.

Yuki’s education is one of our biggest concerns during our home assignment. Please pray for the Lord’s work of grace in this area — that she will not fall too far behind both in English and Japanese study. Since the school year will be close to an end when we arrive in the States, we are hoping to get some part-time English tutoring help two to three days a week. If you know of a college student or a teacher who would have some time to help Yuki in reading and writing, please let us know. When it comes with her Japanese study, we are prayerfully looking into options of home schooling or/and enrolling her in the Japanese Saturday school in Troy Ohio to keep her at pace for her return to Japan in fall.

As we shared with you in our last letter, we are in need of raising a large amount of monthly support before returning to Japan. We would like to continue to ask for your prayers regarding making new connections with more churches and individuals. It is still too early to start scheduling appointments, but would you please prayerfully consider how you can assist us in getting us connected with your church or small groups?

Praise and Prayer Service

As we shared with you in the past, Noriko has been leading Praise and Prayer Service regularly at SonRise church and she just led one a few weeks ago. Many of you have joined in our prayer that this service may provide a great encouragement and support for the faith of our church members, and that it may also serve as a great testimony to unbelievers present. We were very encouraged to hear one of the unbelieving seekers in our church telling Noriko after the service that the testimony/praise item that she shared touched his heart in a very special way. He is beginning to understand that Christianity is about a relationship with our God as a result of seeing our church members’ example of seeking Him in prayer not only during our difficult times, but also during our joyous times in thanksgiving as well. Noriko will lead another Praise and Prayer Service again in both November and December, so we would appreciate your continued prayer for eternal impact upon both believers and unbelievers in our church through this ministry.

Preparation for Christmas

Christmas will be here before you know it and it is never too early to start giving our thoughts and prayers toward preparation. Sarah (a co-missionary of ours) and Noriko have started to pray and plan towards Christmas, seeking God’s way on how we can effectively reach out to the families from the parenting course and from Yoshiki’s kindergarten during this Christmas. So please pray that Noriko’s teamwork with Sarah in the upcoming months would be strengthened and guided in every step of their upcoming Christmas outreach.

Transition in the Office

The Business Manager, Steven, returned from home assignment (furlough) and has taken back most of the finance responsibilities that Chad was doing during his absence. Chad has kept some of the bookkeeping responsibilities that best fit his abilities and skills.

Starting in October, Steven and Chad will start planning how best to prepare the office for our home assignment. This will mean training replacements and putting projects on hold until our return. Please pray for the Lord’s guiding hand throughout this whole process and that Chad may finish well, fulfilling and caring for all the responsibilities given him during this first term of missionary service.

Chad and Noriko

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the Lord’s timely provisions towards our different home assignment needs (written above) and for our new connection with more churches and individuals for our support raising.
  • Please continue to pray for the Praise and Prayer Service that Noriko leads at our church, that it may make an eternal impact upon the lives of our church members.
  • Please pray for Noriko & Sarah’s Christmas outreach preparation in the upcoming months, that their work may be strengthened and guided every step of the way.
  • Please pray for the Lord’s guiding hand as Chad and Steven prepare the office for our home assignment, that Chad would finish well, fulfilling and caring for all the responsibilities given him in the TEAM Japan office during this first term of his missionary service.


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March 2014 Prayer Letter

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Dear Friends and Family,800x600 IMG_0579

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TEAM A.C. 2013
We hope this letter finds you well. We had a busy, yet meaningful and memorable summer.

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