January 2017 Prayer Letter

January 31, 2017

IMG_20170130_075157Dear Friends and Family,

We pray you have had a good start to this new year. On the 26th of this month we celebrated our 6th anniversary of being on the field. We praise God for His ever faithful work in our lives and ministries here as well as for your faithfulness in coming alongside us for support and encouragement all these years!

Chad’s Office Move

It was a very busy end of the year for Chad in the TEAM Japan office. Along with all of the end-of-year finance activities, he also helped organize the office’s move to a temporary location. Because of TEAM’s remodeling work on the building where Chad’s office was previously, the office has been moved to one of TEAM’s houses. As you can see from the photo, the new place is very tight: six of us working in one small living room and two bedrooms used for meetings! Please pray that despite this change in their work environment, the office staff may remain productive and fruitful in their ministry work.

Noriko’s Ministry Direction

Thank you for all your prayer support for Noriko as she fervently sought the Lord through this past year for His direction regarding her ministry focus and role(s) in this new season of her life. We truly believe that Noriko has received His answer.
The Lord has led Noriko to officially join the ministry initiative/team (Tokyo Metro Ministry Initiative) that leads our church plant, SonRise church. We are praying that this will bring about an even more focused and fruitful ministry at the SonRise church for its growth. Joining the ministry team will help her be more informed of decisions and directions that the team makes in the ministry of our church, thus enhancing her prayer ministry by giving her a clearer insight into the future direction of the church. Extra responsibilities include, but are not limited to, attending a weekly team meeting and building a closer relationship with the team.

Mentoring Ministry

We have been asked to be mentors for a new missionary couple that has just arrived this month. This involves coming alongside the new missionaries in various aspects, walking with the husband/the wife through his/her first term (the first four years) of “firsts.” For the last couple of weeks, we have been providing them with practical helps as they take care of what it takes to establish a new life here in Japan.

Please join us in your prayers in the upcoming days that we may build a strong mentoring relationship with our mentees and provide them with support and encouragement during their first term’s adjustment in their life and ministry on the field.
As we begin these new areas of ministry, please pray that we will be walking in the Lord’s will, faithfully seeking and following His leading every step of the way.

Yuki’s Transition into Middle School

We would greatly appreciate your prayers as Yuki moves to middle school in April. We expect that it will be a big adjustment for her since middle school work here becomes a lot heavier and more competitive among the peers. Please pray that the Lord may prepare her to be able to cope with all of that, and that she may grow through this milestone in her life.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that TEAM Japan office staff may remain productive and fruitful in their ministry even in the midst of their new work environment.
  • Please pray that Noriko may have an even more effective prayer ministry at SonRise church as she joins this new ministry team.
  • Please pray for our new mentoring role, that we may build a strong mentoring relationship with our mentees and provide them with support and encouragement during their first term adjustment in their life and ministry on the field.
  • Please pray for our faithfulness in seeking and following the Lord’s leading every step of the way in the new areas of our ministry.
  • Please pray for Yuki’s transition into Japanese middle school from April where much heavier and more competitive school work is expected.

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Tokyo!

Yoshiki started 1st grade in April and is gradually adjusting to the daily routine that is not purely fun playing outside like his kindergarten days! He has started learning Hiragana (Japanese alphabet) and brings home homework almost every day. He also just joined the school soccer team and we are praying that God will grow him in positives ways through this experience. Continue Reading…

February 2016 Prayer Letter

February 8, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Tokyo in the new year! It is hard to believe that we just celebrated our fifth year of living and ministering here in Japan. We truly celebrate God’s faithfulness and grace over these years in our family’s life! Continue Reading…

Fall 2015 Prayer Letter

November 5, 2015
Yuki's Baptism

Yuki’s Baptism

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Tokyo, Japan!! We arrived safely in Japan on September 9th and have been in the process of unpacking for the last two months. The kids are back in school and have been adjusting well so far. Chad has returned to work at the office and getting to know his new team members there. Noriko has gradually been adjusting back to life and ministry here in Tokyo. Continue Reading…

June 2015 Prayer Letter

June 29, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary

Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary

Greetings from Beavercreek, Ohio! It is hard to believe that we are already more than a half way through our Home Assignment (furlough)! Continue Reading…