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The Snow’s Journey

July 9, 2008

Dear Friends and Family,

We are writing to you today to share the journey that the Lord has had us on to find His will in our ministry. The journey started three years ago after we completed a small group Bible study, “Experiencing God”. In this study, we learned tremendously how to seek, discern, and do the will of God in the area of ministry.

Chad started sensing that God was calling him to a change of direction in his life, and that He wanted to do more with his life than just work at his current job. God started growing his burden for the lost and missions. Throughout his life until now he had never felt led to missions, so to think that God may be calling him to it was a big change. He even started to pursue a mission agency where he thought that his skills would best fit. Through that door closing and counsels from others, Chad knew that the Lord wanted him to wait and seek His direction for His calling. When Chad started sensing God’s call in his life, immediately God called Noriko to make major adjustments in her life accordingly. She dropped some of her ministry commitments and made herself more available to him as his helper to join him in this journey together.

The next three years was a long process of us uniting our hearts to seek the Lord’s will in our ministry. Along with our regular prayer, we started fasting one day a week. Not only did the fasting grow our hunger to know His will, but also reminded us of the journey to which He was directing us.

We started an inductive Bible study of Romans together and it has been a perfect study during this time of seeking and equipping for whatever He would call us to do. Through this study God opened our eyes to see the glorious power of the gospel by bringing us to a deeper understanding of what it can do in a person’s life and what believers have in Jesus Christ. As a result our faith in its power grew as well as our burden and passion for sharing it to both the unsaved and saved. We have come to see ourselves more and more agreeably with Paul as debtors to the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Earlier in our journey God directed us to pray and ask that He would show us and create in us a heart He desires in His servant. Through the study of Romans we came to understand better that salvation is all of God by His grace without any cause within us. As a result, it produced in us a greater humility, awe, appreciation, thanksgiving, joy towards Him for our salvation, and it became more reasonable and meaningful to us than ever before to do what Paul urges us to do which is total presentation of ourselves to God as a loving offering for service to Him (Romans 12:1-2). This bond-servant heart of God is what He is looking for in His servants and the Romans study has produced it in us like never before to prepare us for our service to our Lord.

Last June, Chad was browsing some mission’s websites and came across an opportunity with TEAM Missions in Japan. TEAM Japan was in need of some computer skills to help support the main office and field missionaries. One of the things we had been praying for as we sought God’s direction for our ministry was that He would give us a burden, passion, and desire for what He would call us to do (Psalm 37:4). We noticed that He has given Chad a heart for missions (particularly Japan) and passion for computer work, and He has tremendously blessed his computer ministry at Patterson Park Church. Noriko has always had a burden to minister to Japanese people and had noticed the burden being increased over the recent years. After we considered all that God had been teaching and equipping us during the last three years, we decided to apply for this mission’s opportunity.

We submitted our application in September and were officially appointed to the position in May. Words cannot describe enough the joy and gratitude we felt in our hearts on the day we received the news. At this time we would truly appreciate your prayers for us on the following matters.

  • Pray for our continued unity in our pursuit to follow and fulfill His calling.
  • Pray that God will continue to enable us to faithfully walk in obedience to what He has taught us during the last three years.
  • God will continue to work in us to grow a bond-servant heart that produces service pleasing to Him.
  • Pray for the upcoming training (July 12-19) that God will use it greatly to better equip and prepare us for our service.