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Vision for Our Ministry

September 13, 2008

Dear Friends and Family,

We first would like to thank you for all your prayers from our previous letter. We have seen God’s mighty work through them especially in the training that we completed in July. It was a wonderful time of learning and encouragement.

Throughout the training one of the things that the Lord impressed upon our hearts was the importance of having a vision for our ministry and keeping it forefront throughout the ministry. For this reason, soon after the training we started to pray that God would reveal and grant His vision to us for our service in Japan. As a result the vision that we believe the Lord has cast upon our hearts is that the TEAM missionaries and Japanese Christians will become more efficient and effective in establishing reproducing churches in Japan by the support and encouragement provided through our God-given abilities and gifts.

We pursue to fulfill this vision in several ways. As we mentioned in the last letter, there is a great need for computer support for TEAM missions in Japan. There are about 90 missionaries there that heavily depend on computers to help them with their ministry. Most of them try to juggle computer related problems with all the other stresses of foreign missions. Chad’s main role will be to support these missionaries from TEAM Japan’s main office in Mitaka city (a suburb of Tokyo). This may require some traveling when problems and needs become too great to support remotely. He will also be responsible for the computer systems in the main office as well as TEAM Japan’s website which is in major need of updating and redesigning in order to attract new candidates for the field.

We believe Noriko’s primary role is to be Chad’s helper in any way she can, so that he might be able to carry out the work entrusted by the Lord. That is one of the major things that the Lord has been teaching and growing her to be for the last three years, and He continues to do so. We also would like to be a part of a local church where we can come alongside Japanese believers for encouragement and support.

As another highlight of the July training we met four other couples following God’s call on their lives and going to serve in Japan. It has been six years since the last missionary had been sent, and now God is preparing a whole new generation to reach this country with the gospel! Upon seeing this and their God-given burden and passion for Japan, we hardly can wait to see and be a part of the great work that He has in store for this country.

Many people have asked us when and what it will take for us to get to Japan. If the Lord wills, we are targeting to leave for Japan by the end of next year. For this to happen we will need to raise monthly support of $7,524 and transition expense of $40,103 (see graphs below). We are very thankful that God has already provided 15% of the monthly support and 5% of the transition expense. If you would desire to be a partner with us to help reach Japan with the gospel, linked here is a response card which shows you some ways to get involved.

We would appreciate your continued prayer on our behalf. Since our last letter, we started a new inductive Bible study. Please pray that God will use it to further prepare and equip us for our service to Him as He has done so tremendously with our previous study of Romans. In addition, as our lives become more focused on support raising in the upcoming months, please pray for our constant and complete dependency on Him to carry it out. Each day we are learning to trust that God who has called us is the One who will bring about the fulfillment of His calling.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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