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Exciting News

October 14, 2010
Dear Friends and Family,

We have some important and exciting news to share with you. On October 3, we received an email from the TEAM Japan office. In it they shared with us that the need for computer support has increased greatly this past year, and as a result they have proposed to us a reduction in our monthly budget by about 40 percent for the first two years of our service in Japan, in order to get us to the field sooner. After that two years we will have to return to the U.S. and continue to raise the remainder of our support. The majority of this reduction is in the living cost (living cost is separate from housing) and work funds. This will require us to make personal financial sacrifices in the field, yet we are trusting that God will enable us to live under these circumstances as He has been faithfully doing these past years since Chad’s unemployment.

As you know, we’ve been praying about our support raising. Many of you have joined us in those prayers. As we prayerfully evaluated what we have brought before the Lord, especially in the past few months, we believe that this new path is what He has shown us as an answer to those prayers, therefore He is leading us to move forward in it.

The new budget will bring our current support level to about 67 percent. We are targeting to be in Japan sometime in February, which will allow us to get settled before our daughter, Yuki, would start school in April. Upon arriving in Japan, Chad will immediately start his 12 week intensive language training in Karuizawa (the location of TEAM’s language training center). After that we will move to our permanent location in Tokyo near the TEAM Japan’s main office and begin to fulfill the ministry vision that God has given us: that TEAM missionaries and Japanese Christians will become more effective and efficient in establishing reproducing churches in Japan by the support and encouragement provided through our God-given abilities and gifts.

To make this goal of leaving by February, we still need to raise $1,787 per month to bring us to 100 percent. Would you please prayerfully consider seeking and asking God whether He will lead you to be a partner with us for the furtherance of the gospel in the country of Japan through a monthly financial support?


Chad and Noriko Snow

Monthly Support chart