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September 2011 Prayer Letter

September 26, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

Hello everyone! We hope that you had a good summer. We have had a very hot and humid summer here in Tokyo, but now we feel it is finally coming to an end.

Annual Conference:

Once a year, TEAM Japan holds a conference in August, and all TEAM missionaries who are in the country are required to attend. It is a time of prayer, worship, fellowship and business. We were able to meet almost all the TEAM Japan missionaries at the conference and spend time getting to know them and their ministry. The conference has renewed our hearts even more to reach Japan with the gospel. Our hearts were also touched by hearing testimonies of God’s amazing work since the earthquake in the affected areas through TEAM’s relief efforts.

We decided to go up to the conference a few days earlier to have some rest and time away from the hot and humid Tokyo weather. We rented a cabin at TEAM’s Karuizawa Retreat Center. The Lord truly blessed our time together as a family. Our children had fun playing with all the other missionary children, and we spent most of the time just sitting on the porch talking with other missionaries who strolled by.

Yuki’s School Adjustment:

Shortly after our last letter, Noriko had the opportunity to meet in person and talk with Yuki’s teacher about some of the problems that she had been experiencing with other students. The teacher was very understanding and took immediate action to stop the issues. The situation improved, but shortly after the school got out for the summer break.

Yuki returned to school at the end of August and things have improved. She still struggles with kids treating her differently, but currently she seems to be handling it well. Please pray that God will use these challenges that He has allowed in her life to develop her character and prepare her for her future walk and service in the Lord.

Fulfilling Our Ministry Vision:

We are beginning to see more clearly how God is fulfilling our ministry vision — that TEAM missionaries and Japanese Christians will become more effective and efficient in establishing reproducing churches in Japan by the support and encouragement provided through our God- given abilities and gifts.

We have found that it was God’s perfect timing for us to arrive in Japan when we did. The TEAM Japan office has been in transition since Chad started working there. It has been great for Chad to be a part of this transition process right from the beginning and discover how his gifts and skills can be used there. They have adopted a mission statement (“We strive to effectively serve and care for our missionaries and assist related organizations through administrative support.”) that fits in line with our vision!

As for Noriko, her life has been focused on our family a lot these last couple of months, which the Lord reminds her so often the importance of her faithfulness in serving at home in this season of her life. God also has confirmed this with her, revealing His long-term vision that He is
going to use her faithfulness in this area to bear eternal fruit not only in our family’s lives, but also in the lives of people outside the home. Please pray that Noriko will set this eternal vision firmly before her in her daily service to her family. When she gets some time away from her family, she spends it in prayer for and with other fellow missionaries, people in our church, and new relationships (unbelievers) that the Lord has led her to recently. The Lord continues to give her a burden and passion for serving Him in this way, and she truly finds great joy in doing it and in seeing her gift of encouragement being greatly exercised through this ministry of prayer support.

We are becoming more and more at home in our church, finding where our gifts fit in the body. Chad has been able to use his technical skills to help out during service, and Noriko has been coming alongside with other believers for encouragement. It is also a great joy to see even our little children joining us to help set up the church for service every Sunday morning.

It has been our earnest desire and prayer that at every season of our missionary journey here in Japan and in every opportunity that the Lord leads us to daily, God will find our service faithful and pleasing in His sight.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray that the Lord will use the challenges that He has allowed in our daughter’s life to develop her character and prepare her future walk and service in the Lord.
  2. Please pray for Noriko’s daily faithfulness in serving at home, setting before her the Lord’s eternal vision for it.
  3. Please pray that at every season of our missionary journey here in Japan and in every opportunity that the Lord leads us to daily, God will find our service faithful and pleasing in His sight.

Chad and Noriko Snow

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