June 2016 Prayer Letter

June 4, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Tokyo!

Yoshiki started 1st grade in April and is gradually adjusting to the daily routine that is not purely fun playing outside like his kindergarten days! He has started learning Hiragana (Japanese alphabet) and brings home homework almost every day. He also just joined the school soccer team and we are praying that God will grow him in positives ways through this experience.

Yuki is doing well. This is her last year of elementary school. She just returned from a field trip which required the children to stay overnight for three nights! There was a lot of fun and learning activities planned throughout this trip. We are glad to hear her report that this trip was a real memorable and meaningful experience for her.

Update on Chad’s Mother

As we shared in our last prayer letter, Chad’s mother had a stroke in December. Thank you for all your prayers. Since the stroke she is recovering steadily and now is back home in her apartment living by herself. She is able to walk around in her apartment on her own and has even walked to the elevator to go upstairs to visit her friend! Although she faces many frustrations daily with getting things done with the loss of motion in her left arm and leg, we are praising God for His miraculous work of grace through all your prayers to bring her to where she is now.

Acting Business Manager

Chad’s new role in the TEAM Japan office as Acting Business Manager has been going well. He counts it such a privilege to work with the office team to provide administrative support to all the missionaries throughout Japan and also the huge wave of new missionaries that are coming to this field! The leadership responsibility seems to be overwhelming to Chad at times, yet his heart’s desire is to lead the team in a godly way as God calls him to. We have been reminded from our recent personal Bible study of the same charge given to both Joshua and Solomon when they just began to take over the enormous task of leading Israel. “. . so that you (Solomon) may keep the law of the Lord your God. Then you will prosper, if you are careful to observe the statutes and the ordinances which the Lord commanded Moses concerning Israel. Be strong and courageous, do not fear nor be dismayed.” 1 Chronicles 22:12-13 (Compare this with Joshua 1:6-9). As these two leaders were charged to abide in their relationship with God and with His word, please pray for Chad’s guarding over his daily faithful walk with Him, out of which “prosperity” may flow.  

SonRise Church Ministry and Building Update

Thank you for your continued faithful prayer for Noriko’s prayer ministry at SonRise church. We have seen the Lord’s continued blessing upon it and have been encouraged by our church members’ more enthusiastic participation in sharing their prayer needs as well as God’s specific answers to those prayer requests. Please pray that this ministry of prayer may continue to be used for the church to come to know and experience deeper our mighty God’s personal presence and work in their lives.

In our last prayer letter we shared the need of a new location for our church. That is still a need, but since April we have had a change of leadership in our church. Due to this change, finding a new location has been pushed further into the future. Please pray that our leaders may continue to be sensitive to God’s timely leading and provision in this matter.

Noriko’s Ministry Direction

We shared our prayer need in the last letter that with Yoshiki finishing his kindergarten and moving to a new school in April and Noriko’s co-worker leaving the field this summer (in a month now!), we are seeking the Lord’s clear direction regarding Noriko’s future ministry.  We would like to ask you to continue to join us in your prayer for that. Noriko is continuing to actively be involved in SonRise church ministry, but with much prayer she does not sense the Lord leading her to continue the parenting class and (previous) kindergarten outreaches alone as her ministry focus in this new season of her life. As we continue to seek and wait upon the Lord, He has led our hearts to pray for the ministry assignment that will allow Noriko to stay focused and faithful in accordance with our ministry vision: which is “that TEAM Japan missionaries and Japanese Christians will become more effective and efficient in establishing reproducing churches in Japan by the support and encouragement provided through our God-given abilities and gifts”. We have started talking with our supervising missionary and others to see what opportunities there are currently that Noriko’s supporting gifts and abilities may be most fruitfully employed.

We believe that not only is this the time of seeking the Lord for Noriko, it is also the time of the Lord’s preparation of her heart for her next assignment, gowing in her a heart that is ready to do His will. The Lord has impressed this upon Noriko’s heart over and over again through her continued Bible study on the life of David and time of prayer each day, so we would appreciate your prayer for her continued faithfulness to live out this priority of the Lord in her life.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Chad’s daily abiding relationship with the Lord, so that he may satisfactorily fulfill his leadership role at the TEAM Japan office.
  • Please pray that Noriko’s ministry of prayer may continued to be used for the church members to come to know and experience deeper God’s personal presence and work in their lives.
  • Please pray that the church leaders may continue to be sensitive to God’s timely leading and provision in regards to the need of a new location.
  • Please continue to pray for the Lord’s clear direction regarding Noriko’s future ministry as well as for her faithfulness in seeking and waiting on Him during this time.